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Staas has put together within 2-weeks time my very first web site. I sent him a few ideas, some photos and some words, and he beautifully created a wonderful web site, which I can proudly use for my business. He is very flexible and definitely has a vision to be shared in multiples. Thanks so much and I look forward to sending you some future clients!

When starting my site, I had so many technical problems between my wordpress and the template I purchased. With the template I purchased, my site could only be viewed on my desktop, which hurt my viewership. I contacted Staas and, in no time at all, he reprogrammed my site to be available through mobile, increasing my daily viewership by 60%. Staas is so easy to work with. He is an efficient problem solver. He gets the job done and doesn't break your bank. If you want quick, quality work that will benefit your business, contact Staas.

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