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Wynn Locations

Case Study

About The Company

Wynn Locations is a premiere full-service film locations agency
representing hundreds of properties in Los Angeles area

Richard Wynn, the owner of the company, was among the first in the industry to bring his business online in 2002.  While other locations companies were still dealing with photo albums, Wynn Locations capitalized on the huge marketing potential and convenience of the Internet by putting its whole catalog of properties online. To stay relevant, Wynn Locations understands the importance of having an up-to-date online presence.

Original Site

First impressions matter. A business’ website is the first thing potential customers see.

A business’ website serves as the first impression of its trustworthiness and professionalism. Businesses that don’t understand this risk losing business to their competition.  To stay competitive, Wynn Locations realized that it needed to improve its website’s look and usability. Their old website had become outdated in function and design, and it wasn’t friendly to mobile devices, which accounts for 50% of today’s online traffic.

New Website’s Objectives

  • Design minimalist, but color-vibrant logo and branding scheme
  • Modernize website’s look & feel
  • Make website accessible on mobile devices through Responsive Web Design
  • Update layout to full-width, to make better use of screen space in image presentation
  • Improve user experience, so visitors can find what they are looking for faster and easier
  • Create clean and memorable slideshow presentations of each location
  • Move site to a faster web hosting service for smoother, more pleasant user experience

Wynn Locations Logo

When designing a new look for an existing company, it helps to design the company’s logo first. It dictates color and style for the rest of the web site and brand. SOS Web Designs provided 3 logo variations. We incorporated client feedback to create their perfect logo.

Brand Color Scheme

Client emphasized their preference for a site that showed large blocks of color over a site with a predominantly white background. The finished color design mixes neutral tones with a bold orange accent that is elegant and allows the location images to stand out.

Dark Grey #333333

Light Grey #555555

Orange #F37221

White #FFFFFF Header Showcasing Brand Color Scheme and Fonts


For a clean, legible and visually pleasing font, we suggested the Google non-serif font Raleway, which the client loved at first sight.


Photos are the major attraction of the Wynn Locations website. Therefore, SOS Web Designs made sure they grab visitors’ attention by updating the site to a full-width layout. The home page now features a moving-strip slideshow, showcasing the most visually pleasing location images.

The Mockup of the Old Wynn Locations Website
with Boxed Layout

The Mockup of the New Wynn Locations Website
with Full-Width Layout

Responsive Web Design

SOS Web Designs made sure that Wynn Locations’ site not only looked beautiful but also was usable on mobile devices.



Easy Backend Management

A big part of business operations at Wynn Locations involves adding, removing and updating locations in its database. Therefore, WL tasked SOSWD to design an easy backend interface so that they can manage updates in-house. SOSWD simplified the backend control panel to only include the most essential items for WL site management: (a) locations, (b) location slideshows, and (c) pages.

Self-Updating Dynamic Menu

SOSWD anticipated that the client’s location database will continually grow with new location categories. Therefore, SOSWD developed a dynamic menu that is automatically generated based on the existing categories, eliminating the need for additional menu management.

User Experience

To improve site’s functionality, SOSWD developed several features that allow visitors to search, browse and bookmark the location database with ease.

UI: Browsing Filters

Adoptive filters allow visitors to quickly narrow down locations of a specific style and possessing certain features.

UI: Save Locations

Visitors can effortlessly bookmark and save locations into a list, which they can later review, revise, and email to themselves or someone else.

UI: Predictive Search

When a visitor starts to type in the search field, just like in Google search, he will see a dropdown menu of possible results with mini images.

UI: Flexible Location Slideshows

Location slideshows have the ability to expand into full screen as well as offer single slide pop-out view. They can adapt to any viewing platform — desktop, tablets or smartphones — without losing style or convenience. Additionally, on smartphones and tablets, visitors can swipe through the slides.

Full-Screen Slideshow

Single Slide Pop-Out

Slideshow on Tablet and Smartphone

Fast Loading Site

Because Wynn Locations’ site is heavily image-based, which can slow down website’s speed, SOS Web Designs recommended using a powerful WordPress managed hosting company —, whose proprietary caching solution makes sure that WordPress-based sites load super fast.

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